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Galaxy of Trian is a tile-based sci-fi game, during which the players explore an expanding galaxy.
Game is designed for 2-4 players, above the age of ten, and the playtime of 45-60 min.Players command opposing forces in a race to discover and control the powerful technology left behind by the unmatched race Trian. As the game plays proceeds players form a galaxy full of nebulas, gas clouds, planetary systems and outer space using triangular, two-sided tiles.Players take turns drawing a tile and placing it on the table, thus forming planetary systems, nebulas, and the area of outer space, in which spaceships move. Each turn players obtain minerals [crystals] from the nebulae they control. The basic unit in the game is an emissary, which has the ability to fight over nebulas and planetary systems. When the player wins dominance in the system, the emissary is able to take control over the research stations left by the Trian race.

Players can achieve points in the game in various ways: by the closing areas of space, leveling up the stations in nebulas and obtaining minerals [crystals] from them, making research, or from battles. There are also tiles which provide the players with special actions, and the game variants allowing them to customize matches, accordingly to their preferences. The mechanisms allow the players to use a variety of strategies and tactics.





The “Beginning of Conquest” expansion, introduces two new ship classes to Galaxy of Trian: the Corvette and Rogue. These new ships allow players to steal materials and even to block the expansion of other player’s planetary systems. The “Beginning of Conquest” expansion adds even more replayability to the game.






In the Wealth of the Ancients expansion, you will get 12 beautifully illustrated, two-sided tiles and 12 large crystals. The rulebook appendix will introduce a number of new rules and mechanisms based on the large crystals. The Wealth of the Ancients expansion can easily be incorporated with all other expansions to the Galaxy of Trian.

  • Easy to learn rules with our fully illustrated full colour rulebook.
  • Exciting game mechanics designed to engage players and allowing for numerous tactics and strategies.
  • 45 – 60 minute gameplay allows for dynamic matches without long waits between turns.
  • Game variants allow players of all ages and skill to enjoy the game.
  • Plays equally well with two, three, and four players.
  • Beautiful high quality art by Andrzej Sykut.
  • Modular tile construction allows countless combinations. No two games will ever play the same way. Explore a new section of the galaxy each and every game.
  • Players of all types will find Galaxy of Trian engaging.


Please note: from the time of the video to present, some components have been upgraded.
Some components have been upgraded since the making of this video.


An actual player card from the expansion “The Beginning of Conquest”, the Quuylto.

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